About Jalü

Jalü is an online meditation centre and network of meditation groups. We offer two distinct streams of practice and training:

  • a secular program of Calm Abiding and Insight meditation instruction for people of all faiths or no faith;
  • a Buddhist program focused on sharing the core of the Buddha’s teachings, specifically teachings on meditation and compassion from the Tibetan tradition.

We are inspired by the Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and also by the Chan tradition (Chinese Zen) . At Jalü we focus on the essential Buddhist practices that lead to direct experience of one's true nature rather than on complex visualisations or mantra recitation. We offer an opportunity to understand and directly experience that true nature through simple meditation and mindfulness practice. We are non-sectarian in our approach however we draw heavily from the wealth of teachings of the Nyingma Dudjom and Drukpa Kagyu schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Jalü is committed to delivering these teachings in a way that is accessible, authentic and understandable for all people in this complicated, modern world in which we live. Jalü is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to relieving emotional and psychological suffering for all, both Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, especially those who are marginalised or oppressed. We aim to do this by providing training in meditation, mindfulness, compassion, ethics and other Buddhist practices that promote well-being and a more ethical and holistic approach to everyday life. Jalü encourages and supports spiritual autonomy, curiosity, and creative and critical thinking. We consider personal ingenuity to be an integral part of each individual's spiritual practice.

The origin of our name: Jalü is a Tibetan word that means "rainbow body". Jalü is the highest level of realisation in the Tibetan Buddhist practice tradition from which our organisation takes its inspiration. In Tibet the rainbow is a symbol of the deepest spiritual achievement of Dzogchen. In the Western world, the rainbow is a symbol of environmental awareness and, in the form of the rainbow flag, a celebration of diversity. In Australia, First Nation peoples tell creation stories featuring a Rainbow Serpent that shaped the Australian landscape. The Rainbow Serpent symbolises the profound connection between sky, land, water and people. As the name of our organisation, the word Jalü celebrates the profound insights and benefits of meditation whilst also signalling our commitment to ecological awareness and respect for diversity. It is also an expression of gratitude to Indigenous Australians for their stewardship of their ancestral lands, on which we now live and practice.

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