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The following are books and articles by our instructors, Pema Düddul and Jamyang Tenphel.

Recent articles

Pema Düddul - ‘Awakening To Joy: A Simple Method for Developing Enthusiasm for Practice’ in Tricycle Magazine (forthcoming 2022).

Pema Düddul - 'Why is an ancient Tibetan book about death so enduringly popular? The Tibetan Book of the Dead' in The Conversation (forthcoming December 2021)

Pema Düddul - ‘Freedom from Illusion: Simple Steps to Awakening to the True Face of Reality’ in Tricycle Magazine (November 2021).

Pema Düddul - ‘Practicing in Hell: A Reflection on the Australian Wildfires’ in Tricycle Magazine (January 2020).

Pema Düddul - ‘Connecting with the Nature of Mind to Overcome Anxiety and Panic’, an interview in Buddha Weekly (2020)


Co-authored by Jamyang Tenphel and Pema Düddul, Resting in Stillness is a collection of pithy advice about meditation, compassion and the true nature of mind. The book is a collection of short pieces focused on the heart of the Buddhist path. Many of the pieces were answers to questions posed in meditation classes or in online discussion groups, but some are essays written in response to a need for a succinct, accessible explanation of a topic that is essential to Buddhist practice. All of the pieces are concise, grounded in experience and written in a simple, unpretentious language that both beginners and advanced practitioners will appreciate. A review of the book can be found HERE

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