Jalü offers workshops, seminars, day retreats and courses in meditation, mindfulness and the heart teachings of Buddhism live online, face to face and in recorded courses you can complete "at your own pace". The workshops and courses offered live online and face to face are listed below. The workshops and courses offered at your own pace (pre-recorded videos and audio) are listed HERE. All funds raised go to establishing Jalü Hermitage.

The time zone for all live events is Australian Eastern Standard (Brisbane). To check the time in your location use the Time Zone Converter. For full details of talks, classes and workshops continue scrolling. Call 0431 185 312 for more information.

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Weekly Online Meditation Group

These meditation classes are offered in collaboration with the University of Southern Queensland's Multi-Faith Service.

You are welcome to join the live online meditation classes, which are held using Zoom once a week on Sundays. Before each sitting session there is a short dharma talk based on submitted questions.

Although these meditation classes are offered without a set fee, donations are welcome and can be made below:

Monthly Online Ngondro Group

Ngondro, which translates loosely as "going forward into realisation", is often misunderstood as a preliminary practice. It is in fact the heart essence of all practice in the tantric Buddhist tradition (Vajrayana). Our Ngondro Group meets online monthly to practice the Dudjom Tersar ngondro as a support to individual practice. We currently meet on the second Saturday of each month. We approach ngondro as a daily, heart essence practice rather than as a preliminary or accumulation practice. To join this group you will need to have attended a ngondro workshop led by Pema Duddul. The workshops are scheduled as needed for groups of 4 or more. Contact us if you would like to attend a workshop.

Although these sessions are offered without a set fee, donations are welcome and can be made below:

Dudjom Tersar Refuge Tree

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