Jalü hermitage

solitude - tranquility - joy

Jalü Hermitage is envisioned as a place to connect with the inner tranquillity and joy that is the true nature of all beings. As a place of solitude and meditation, the hermitage will be a refuge for those seeking to awaken their deepest inner qualities. Non-sectarian and welcoming to all irrespective of religious affiliation, the hermitage will provide an annual public program of Buddhist teachings as well as retreats focussed on wisdom and compassion for the modern world.

Jalü Hermitage will include a dedicated nature refuge where birds and other wildlife will be protected and allowed to thrive. It will also, in time, include a memorial forest. The memorial forest will be called Sukhavati (བདེ་བ་ཅན་/ 極樂淨土), which translates as "place of joy and bliss", which is the name of Buddha Amitabha's pure land. Sukhavati Memorial Forest will be a place where people of any faith can sponsor the planting of a tree, or a whole grove of trees, with memorial plaques honouring a lost loved one or celebrating a birth or wedding. As well as a place of celebration, remembrance and tranquillity, the Sukhavati Memorial Forest will be a carbon farm that contributes to a safer environmental future. Eventually, eco-friendly huts will be built for those wishing to undertake solitary retreat, visit the memorial forest, learn about carbon farming or simply enjoy the benefits of nature. Together, the forest, carbon farm and retreat centre will make for a place of deep healing, peace, learning and awakening.

The location for Jalü Hermitage will be the stunning Dorrigo Plateau, in the Northern Tablelands region of New South Wales. The highest point on the plateau is an elevation of 1,437 metres. The township of Dorrigo sits at 731 metres. This gives the region a cool, temperate climate. The plateau is the home to the world heritage listed Dorrigo National Park. Dorrigo plateau sits above the hinterland of the Mid North Coast, approximately an hour from Coffs Harbour and its beautiful beaches. Coffs Harbour has a domestic airport and train station, both connecting the region to Sydney and Brisbane. Jalü Hermitage will be created and governed as a compassionate not-for profit organisation established to bring environmental and spiritual benefits to current and future generations, and to advance Buddhism in Australia.

Image: Dorrigo Plateau

We are now fundraising to make our vision of Jalü Hermitage, the memorial forest, nature reserve and carbon farm a reality. The first step is to buy land. All income from our various teaching programs is now dedicated to this purpose. If you would like to help make Jalü Hermitage and the memorial forest a reality by lending your expertise or giving your time please get in touch by clicking the contact button below. We also gratefully welcome donations of any amount towards the creation of the the hermitage and Sukhavati Memorial Forest. You can also sponsor the purchase of land by acre and receive naming rights for that portion of the forest. Although it is early days (we don't have land yet) if you would like to sponsor the purchase of land or a memorial tree there is more information HERE.

We are a not-for-profit organisation so your donations will go solely to the creation of the forest or retreat center, just nominate what the donation is for. Please note that though we are a not-for-profit organisation donations to us are not currently tax deductible. Donations to religious organisations in Australia are generally not tax deductible unless they provide a benevolent service (feeding the poor etc.). Sadly, creating a retreat centre and memorial forest is not seen as a benevolent service by the Australian Tax Office.

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